August 2019 Newsletter

I’m running a week behind but I hope everyone enjoyed a nice long Labor Day weekend. 

As we wrap up our summer programs, we wanted to thank everyone who supported local businesses during Crazy Days and send out a big thank you to the VFW for helping us to host the StarLab. We had 42 visitors, young and old, who joined us for the educational presentations from Carter County Museum. We also appreciated the 23 guests who attended our Boosting Broadus Business workshop and we hope you gained some valuable tools, resources and ideas for your businesses! 

We had such an incredible response to our Building a Better Broadus networking event last fall that we’re planning another gathering this year on Wednesday, September 25th.  It seems like there’s been a positive shift in community pride this year and we feel that the Building a Better Broadus event will be a perfect opportunity to continue this upward momentum.  We invite you to join us at 5:30pm at the Powder River Historical Museum for an evening of community recognition, business networking and social mixing.  Last year we focused on the many non-profit groups at work in our town and this year we also want to encourage for-profit businesses to attend.  Come share the services you provide that benefit our community, the improvements you’ve accomplished and the successes you’ve achieved.  Let’s explore and celebrate what community pride looks like in Broadus, MT! Everyone is welcome!

You’ll also want to mark your calendars for our annual Ag Banquet, scheduled for November 13th.  Get ready for a different look and feel, as we’re planning a revamped event.  Our vision is an evening that will bring innovative ideas to your doorstep and honor the role of agriculture in our past, present and future.  So, watch this space!

Marni Gaskill