Powder River Courthouse

The Courthouse is home to many county departments and offices. For more details, click here

Offices Held

Darold Zimmer - County Commissioner, Chairman
Donna Giacometto - County Commissioner, Vice-Chairman
Rod Schaffer - County Commissioner

Carole Richards - Clerk and Recorder

Aletta Shannon - Clerk of District Court

Jeff Noble - County Attorney

Mary Rumph - Powder River Extension, Agent, Chair

Julie Riley - Powder River Extension, Agent

Cathy Landa - Justice of the Peace

Debra Archer - Court Clerk 

Michelle Wilson - Court Clerk

Diane Stuver - Henry A. Malley Library Director

June Ray - Librarian

Jennifer Bird - Department of Revenue, Property Valuation Specialist

Richard Sparks - Department of Revenue, Appraiser

Jaci Phillips - Powder River Medical Clinic, FNP-BC

Cherie Stachey - Powder River Manor, Administrator & Director of Nursing

Darlynn Williams - Public Health, RN

Teel Mullanix - County Road Department, Supervisor

Carmen Knutson - Senior Citizen Center, Director

Allen (Thumper) Drane, Jr.  - Sheriff

Matt Hagedorn - Undersheriff

Blaine Perry - Deputy

Brenden Stevenson - 

Molly Lloyd - Superintendent of Schools

John Robinson - Public Transportation, Coordinator

Pat Phillippi - County Treasurer

Jennifer Olson - Weed Supervisor