September 2019 Newsletter

Although the green in the landscape is beginning to fade with the changing season, the Big Green of the Broadus Hawks is just coming alive!  Embrace your school spirit and don a positive and encouraging outlook to support our students, coaches and faculty this season!  Best of luck to all the players this year as you make Broadus proud!

We hope you’ll join us for another celebration of community spirit this week at our Building a Better Broadus event on Wednesday, September 25th.  This public gathering will take place at the Powder River Historical Museum starting at 5:30pm and will include free drinks and delicious appetizers.  All local businesses, clubs and organizations are encouraged to come and share stories of success, goals and achievements, and the services you provide that benefit our community.  Represent your business or group with a display, brochures and/or business cards or just attend for this business and community networking opportunity.  Our hope is to promote the communication and cooperation that helps us to build a better Broadus.  Public welcome, RSVP appreciated.  Contact Melissa Billing for more information.  

We’ve hinted at a few changes in the annual Ag Appreciation Banquet scheduled for November 13th and we’re excited to announce our revamped event – the “Powder River Ag Expo”.  The event will take place at the fair barn and will include kids’ ag safety presentations in conjunction with the school, vendors’ trade show, meal and entertainment.  Our vision is an evening that will bring innovative ideas to your doorstep and honor the role of agriculture in our past, present and future.  Is your ag or ag support business interested in participating in the trade show?  No booth fees are required, but you must contact a committee member for space requirements – Jessica Malone, Michelle Patten or Michelle Wilson.  

As we head into fall, we’re starting to think about our membership drive for 2020 and we would love your feedback.  What has the Chamber done this year that you enjoyed or found valuable?  What would you change?  Where should we focus our goals for next year?   What kind of benefits do you want to see?  We welcome your feedback, whether or not you’re a current Chamber member.  You can email or contact Jessica Malone. 

Marni Gaskill